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June 3, 2008

This made me cry!

Story behind this slideshow….

I got this from my good friend Sandra as a 1 MB slideshow attached to her forwarded e-mail. The e-mail has been forwarded (from what I can see) at least twice. She shared it just with me as she propably knew that it would make me cry (I am very cry-ie @ the mo…).

As I am busy preparing for a workshop with AIDS workers to share with them how Web 2.0 tools can be used for advocacy, I couldn’t help but make a connection between the Powerpoint slideshow and what the best way is to get the word out there! I wanted to pass this slideshow on, but decided against it a it will have a COST implication for my friends (and for me)by uploading (passing the e-mail forward)/downloading the whole 1MB show! I then decided to upload it to from where I can just send my friends the link/invite them to come and look at the show, or embed it here in my blog. Luckily I first checked if someone has not already uploaded the slideshow…and of course…it was there already! And I was also presented with a whole lot of other slideshows on the disaster, some of which have been viewed 5511 times! Now this is getting the word out.

So lesson learnt (between all the tears)

  • If you receive (hear about) an inspiring slideshow, chances are that it will already be on Search for it there
  • Blog about it…now you have not only passively consumed the massage, but are actively adding your voice to the Cause = Advocacy
  • Pass the message forward…but this time only paste the link into the message, thereby saving yourself and your friends valuable bandwidth and cost, while still getting the message OUT THERE.

Okay, I will stop crying (whining) now….

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