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Oct 15, 2008

When a dog dies…

“The one best place to bury a good dog is in the heart of his master.”
Ben Hur Lampman

I say goodbye to PJ my beloved dog and shadow. He was always there for me, fathered close to 25 amazing puppies, and was husband to Ploggie and Tootsie, and companion to my family. He died at the age of 14, which in dog years make him 98- not bad for a dog!

So what can I say about PJ? I got him when we moved into our house in Randpark Ridge and can clearly remember the day I brought him home. He vomited all over my car and by the time we got home it was clear that he was more than just car sick! It turned out that he had biliri and I had to make the choice of having him put down and get another dog (which was my first choice) or spend quite a few hundred Rands to get blood transfusions (my children’s insistence) So he had a auspicious start in our household! The amazing thing is that since then, apart from the odd inoculations, he has been an extremely healthy dog, never sick.

He was the soul mate of Ploggie, his first wife, and I have never experienced dogs to be so closely connected. They were always by each other side, touching, licking and loving. Ploggie was kind of a wild dog and PJ was her gentler side. Then she died unexpectedly of cancer and he was heartbroken. He did not eat and slumped around miserably for months. One of the boys friends then decided to find him another sexy wife and came up with Tootsie, a Chaw. He did not want to know her case, but somewhat un-ignored her when she was in season. He also did not take kindly to his puppies and became a kind of a loner dog.

He then attached himself to my side. Where ever I went (in my house) he went, even to the toilet (which demonstrates real love). He was only allowed in the house when I was there (very strict housekeeper) and formed a good relationship with my cat, Snoekie. As I mostly work from home, the 3 of us were the office team. Cat on the printer, me on the laptop and PJ by my feet.

He never said much and we also figured that he would probably hide if burglars were to visit. He was also an extreme gentleman and always allowed the other 2 dogs to eat first before he tucked in, apart from bones, where he had first debs! He was cool with children but not so cool with adults.

He was terrified of lightning and bad weather! Summer months were excruciating for him and he insisted on sitting on top of me and dribbling in fear. So somehow I take solace in the fact that he is being spared the lightning season this year.

So, my friend, PJ, I know I had to let you go, to be kind to you as you have been kind to me. But I miss you so much, my shadow! Go well, and may you be the lightning in heaven!

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