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June 15, 2010

The Sounds of the Soccer World Cup

This world cup will especially be remembered for the cacophony of sounds coming, not only from screaming fans, but from our national traditional weapon, the vuvuzela. Now fight as you might if it is good on the ears or not, it is the defining sound of the Soccer World Cup 2010. Not only is the Vuvu a trending topic on Twitter, it is THE  MUST HAVE accessory for everybody that is anybody from Sandton to Soweto, from Liverpool to Australia. So if you do not have one- you are definitely not soccerturally correct. Get with it bro! Viva.

What the vuvu-objectors actually are upset about, is that they either don’t have one or don’t know how to blow. Really. The good news is that there are still plenty available at your closest street corner along with a flag and, if you are really rich or an overseas visitor with dollars, you can also acquire a makarapa to adorn you soccer attire. I must confess, doing the vuvuzela thing comes with a slight down side. You might be hearing impaired for the rest of your life, and your cheeks will be in spasm for months to come, not to mention the blisters on your lip, but what the heck- it’s our time. Its time for Africa. Viva Bafana Viva!

Which brings me to the Waka Waka. I can cope with the Waka Waka as opposed to the diski dance. Who thought that one out? Eeash. My  body wants to waka waka- I do not want to slip a diski. So if you follow Shakira’s pelvic moves- it is a complete easy-kapeasie breeze. So to get you in the mood. Here it is. (Also note, I taught the blackhead singer from Freshlyground who sings with Shakira, Kyla, Maths in highschool. That is why she is famous today. See how important maths is?)

Then there is my absolute favourite which is the flag song. I get a tear in my eye and feel if we could really change the world. Viva.

So give me the sounds of Africa, let your vuvuzelas buzz ever so loudly! Move those hips! Put on your glasses  and your Makarapas, paint your flag on your face and let’s buzzz Bafana Bafana on to viva viva and ayoba on and into the net. Bring on the sounds and spirit of Africa!!! Viva! And sommer another Ayoba as well.

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