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February 1, 2021

Reviving My Blog (yet again)

It has been a long time. I know.

My Maggie blog has always been a space where I talk to myself, save stuff that I want to keep and keep track of myself, my friends, my kiddies and my life. It seems that I have sadly neglected it for quite a few years. Go figure!

The truth (I tell myself), is that I have changed servers and somewhere along the way I have misplaced my backup, until I stumbled upon it in one of my backup-cleanups. So now I am reviving it yet again and hoping that I will have time to keep it updated.

I really am going to try to. I had so much fun re-reading some of my ramblings, some of the jokes, looking at my photos and remembering happy, sad and frustrated moments. If 2020 has taught me anything, it has reminded me to live each moment in the moment and to count my blessings. So, I am actively going to use my blog to count- my- blessings, one by one!

So grab a coffee and join in my revival!!

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