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May 7, 2021

Celebrating an amazing woman

Today a celebrate my sus’ses birthday. As I have mentioned before, she is no ordinary woman, she is a superstar Godly awesome woman of worth. She is my pillar, my friend and the voice in my head.

Not only is it her birthday, but she also heard that she has been awarded her PhD. She is now a certified (or is it certify-able) dr tick lady. Of everybody who has gone through this process, she has done it so effortlessly in a by-the-way kind of way. All the while being there for everybody, ouma-ing and sustering and caring for everybody.

I need to emphasize the ouma-ing thing. Not only is she a fun, dedicated, extreme ouma to her grandchildren, she is also the most “patient” caregiver of our mother who is 92 years old and living with her. You never really know what it means to take care of somebody, until you stand in their shoes. After looking after oumie for two weeks I have a new understanding of the level of her dedication. I know thank you is not enough, but I am just putting it out there…. THANK YOU SUSSIE.

So today, take it easy, and know that I love and appreciate you. So much. Have a wonderful birthday.

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