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May 22, 2021

My Bee-hind

I completely forgot that it is international bee day on Thursday the 20th of May. Maybe it might bee beecause I managed to get the bees out from Jaap’s cabin and (possible prematurely) feel that the bee issue is (for now) bee-hind me!

Funny how we always go on and on about issues, but when it has been resolved (for now), we say nothing.

So let me report back on my bees’ relocation to greener pastures, courtesy of an amazing bee-warrior called Vincent the Great. He, and various of his co-experts, have been trying to talk my bees into removing themselves for quite a while to no avail. My bees in Jaap’s Cabin have been playing hide and seek for a while or more precisely- ever since they moved in last October.

So. Finally. They were forcefully removed. With love. Of course!

Vincent and crew geared up in pretty attire and smoked a peace pipe with them after which they were relocated to a temporary bee-palace, transported to their new kingdom and gently introduced to their new (very amazing) garden paradise

They were even provided with a sunroom (a piece of glass) to make sure that they do not get any ideas of moving back across the valley to Ilifu. So another successful bee removal.

But this must now stop. I am going to make really sure that my house is no longer an option. I have a big garden and they can have most of it. My house, cabin and the rest of the dwellings will be for human and some allowed 4 legged companions to enjoy. If you so much as to make a buzz, you will be out.

So, in celebration of International Bee day, I pay homage to all the bees that I have had to relocate. I counted that I have definitely assisted more than 10 bee-doms in finding alternate dwellings. Note….I did not doom them….even though I felt like doing so on many occasions.

So while I ponder how to discourage my bee friends from squatting with me, I wish everyone a happy Bee day! Bee the person you like to bee. Bee you!

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