June 1, 2021

Long-awaited Roadtrip

I have been threatening to go on this road trip to the Cape for many years. So finally Fiona, my fellow hoggie-tannie agreed to accompany me on this dangerous and daring endeavour. Considering that we have been hibernating safely throughout the Covid scaredemic, warding of visitors and hiding in plane site, we timed this trip to coincide with the third wave (kid you not…true story).

So we packed packs of masks, sanitizer, thermometer, vitamins, ivermectin and suntan lotion, just incase the sun shine. We managed to escape, by the skin of our teeth, the zero degree temperatures in Hogsback and the accompanying snow hunters that wants to know every three seconds if it has started to snow yet. This time I can quite honestly tell them NO, as it is not snowing where we are now. I have actually discovered to my horror that I will be needing warm clothes as in cool clothes. Of which I have not packed any.

So first stop was at Pep in Alice. Don’t ask. Second stop was at the Duke Hotel in Bedford. It clearly was the local hangout place for Sunday afternoon lunch and we started of our foodie trek with mouth watering fare. I was getting in a sea mood and ordered fish and chips and Fiona had a burger. Really? Honestly. But is was so good we decided to give the meal an 8/10. We will be focusing on food on this trip as we are gearing up for a major diet when we get back…..

I then had to stop off at my Mitti and her Roy. As per usual, they spoilt us rotten and I reminded myself why I for years took my annual leave at Mitti in Port Elizabeth. Mitti is my sister-in-law from husband number two and I insisted on getting his family in the divorce settlement. Clearly it is working for me! We were delighted with the evening dinner of…. cant remember what but it was delish and we gulped it down. The follow on traditional boere lunch of lamb, chicken and potatoes and other njam goodies, got a solid 10/10 for presentation, taste, company and ambience. Seeing Eugene, Sanetjie and Sarah and reminiscing about colourful family “discussions”, brought a nostalgic flavour to the start of our road trip. I am glad to report that Fiona has not booked a ticket back to Hogsback (yet).

The next stop is Keurboom for some restful time and more good food to review….

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