Jan 30, 2022

A new beginning in Knysna

So here I find myself in Knysna. Lucky me. Apparently, I am now living in one of the most loved towns in the world. I can fully (maybe not quite fully yet) understand why. A lovely lagoon, lakes, islands, boats and lots and lots of restaurants and coffee shops. Since I have arrived I have had sushi three times, and I have only been here a week. Everybody knows about my sushi cravings, the one thing we did not get on the mountain back in Hogsback.

It was a wille (as in wild-wild) week. I hit the road running. I am taking over as e-learning project manager for the Kilt schools education initiative from a delightful and awesome human being called Bonny. She has been onboarding me at a mind-blowing speed and trying hard not to scare me too much. Luckily she will still be around for the rest of the month to ease me into the swing of things and point me in the right direction when I wander off…

She is leaving me with a fabulous team. I love the tech team, as everybody knows, you always need to love the tech team extra. They are the ones who sort out the wi-fi and are the keepers of the tech toys, which everybody also knows, I love. My facilitator team tiktokked with me and I see some great potential for some emerging tech edu-influencers. I was however very disappointed that they did not want to dance with me, so I have some work to do to get the jiving vibes in place.

So why did I leave me cosy, idyllic existance on the moutain, I hear you ask? And I just want to state that I did not leave, the mountain is lending me for a moment in time, to Knysna. The lockdown has kind of turned me into a hermit and I need to get out and explore new places and meet new people to take groupsies and tiktok with. Plus, Knysna is emminantly instagrammable and most of all I will be living my passion of getting teachers and learners to enjoy learning with technology.

I will try to keep my blog updated so that my beloved Hoggie people can keep track of me and not forget me. I can hear them sigh already and I sense some eye-rolling. I will be visiting back home regularly so you should not even notice that I am gone.

Thank you Fiona for keeping Ilifu going and looking after my cat. I am sorry that I just sneaked out of there, and did not get to say goodbye to a lot of you, but I have had to do too many goodbyes lately. I am only a blog, whatsapp, facebook post, and tiktok away. Virtual hugs.

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