Mar 14, 2021

Ilifu (cloud) creatures

Mzozo, my gardener has been such a blessing to us here at Ilifu. We only employ him for one day a week, but it is always an adventure. For someone who is not keen on getting my hands covered in sand, but loves things to look pretty, Mzozo is indeed a God send.

What I enjoy the most is his determination to show off interesting finds and creatures living in my garden. Now I am quite happy to not know about some of the more interesting inhabitants of my garden, but Mzozo has decided to feature at least one happy little critter every time he comes to work. It has become an adventure.

So there was Madam Butterfly. A beautiful, astonishing butterfly (moth) who decided to rest her fine feet on the concrete next to my house. I, of course, would have missed it if it was not for Mzozo. He made a point of calling us from our fixated computer cocoons to come and meet Madam Butterfly in all her glory. She posed for us to take photos and basked in the sun for quite a while, before fluttering off to cooler pastures.

The handsome prince was not so happy to meet us. He looked grumpy and miserable, and not at all happy with being disturbed from within his earthy cool abode. If I had any thoughts of kissing him, meeting my handsome prince and living happily ever after, his grumpy demeanor convinced me that he is definitely not the one to mess with.

Then came the hammerhead worm. Or is it his tail that was shaped like a hammer? I could not tell. It wriggled in all directions and did not look that comfortable to be hauled from his cool damp dwelling in the compost. where he works hard to produce lovely nutrition for my garden.

I was not so happy to see my snake friend, Mr Wriggly. Mzozo found him somewhere near my roses. EEEK. I know we have snakes. Every paradise garden has at least one. This is written in the Good Book and I do often pray that I do not have to meet up with any one of them on a one to one basis. This was a baby one, which made me wonder where are his parents? Mzozo seems quite happy to show him off as he wriggled and protested while we tried to figure out what his name was. He was not going to tell us his name. Stubborn little critter. Does anyone recognise him?

Who knows what else Mzozo will come up with? Every week is another adventure. Will keep you up to date as we get more acquainted with all the interesting cloud dwellers. (Ps. Ilifu means cloud).

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